We care about the health and well-being of our community and are proud to serve the families around us to make sure mold is not a structural or health issue to you are your loved ones.

The reactions you or your home may have to mold vary greatly, because of the extensive types of mold your home is susceptible to. For this reason it’s always very important to contact a mold remediation expert to inspect your home have you any concerns of it containing mold; just about all mold is dangerous to you so always keep an eye out for the effects it brings.


Just like our residential eagerness to stop the spread of mold, we are lucky to be able to help our local businesses keep their employees and contractors in good health and away from any and all mold!

Mold Across America’s experienced mold technicians are professional and courteous; we make sure to be time-efficient to ensure we don’t take away any more time than necessary, as some of our mold removal and remediation processes must be done.


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