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With an average of 59% humidity, San Diego is somewhat more humid than other large California cities due to its proximity to the coast. This is why living in San Diego makes it more likely for you to be a victim of mold. Follow necessary precautions to ensure mold is not present in your home and office; as mold can creep up on you, it is also not always visible to the naked eye. Call a professional if you think you may have mold! This is a danger to your home and even your health.

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In 2016, California law finally gave tenants the right to report mold to the city, instead of being told to “Google Mold” when your son has an asthma attack and is taken to the emergency room.

This happened in San Diego itself, and was a problem that thousands of people were complaining about. Disgusting and life-threatening effects were forced upon residents of San Diego and still are to this day. If you have mold in your home or office, contact your trusted San Diego mold removal specialists to have it checked out.

Signs You May Be Effected By Mold:

Most Common Places to Find Mold in San Diego:

  • Around Vents
  • HVAC Units- usually dirty air ducts
  • Surrounding area of leaks
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Any place that has had previous water damage
  • Moisture-rich areas
  • Carpet

This is a serious problem and can be detrimental. Call an mold removal specialist in San Diego to make sure it is completely taken care of the first time around! Don’t Wait, It Only Gets Worse!



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